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Marketing Without Money

Marketing Without Money

The most common question I get asked from business owners is, “How do I grow if I don’t have any money?”Well the answer is, you can’t! BUT! There are some very affordable strategies out there. In this article I outline one strategy that can get you some pretty awesome results on less than $300 a month!

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Increase Prices

Increase Prices without Losing Customers

Can you increase prices without losing customers?

Who can say for sure? Businesses lose clients for lots of reasons, and certainly price can be a contributing factor, but with the right strategy raising prices doesn’t need to be something to fear. In fact, you’ll probably be better off!

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What Derails Your Success-

The 3 Marketing Mistakes that Derail your success [VIDEO]

In this episode of The Marketing Minute, I explain the Top 3 Reasons why so many business owners are struggling to get enough customers and make enough money to survive.

When business owners struggle, it usually boils down to these three things: Check it out!


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