How to Get Customers Online

Get Customers

How are you doing with your online “customer acquisition“?


Are you getting leads from your online efforts…

or has it been weeks (or even months) since you’ve gotten a qualified lead from your website?


For the vast majority of small business owners – especially those serving local markets – online leads are a rare occurance!

This is a tragic reality when you consider that the number online tools and services available to help you get customers online is larger than ever before!


The challenge for small businesses – for the most part – is that they don’t know what tools are available or posess the skill-set to use them!


Enter The Marketing Mentorship Academy with a short tutorial on EXACTLY how you can begin turning your online efforts around and begin attracting score of leads and sales through the internet:


When it comes to online customer acquisition, there are two areas of consideration:

1) Traffic Generation

Let’s face it, if you’re not getting any traffic back to your website, then you’re going to have a difficult time making money on the internet.

When it comes to traffic generation, there are really two options. There’s…

Organic Traffic: This is traffic that is driven to your website thanks to search engines and social media. Most small businesses don’t really benefit from Organic traffic like they should for a couple reasons.

For starters, they don’t have enough content on their website to enable them to rank on search engines properly (and certainly not enough to continuously push quality content to their social networks.

And second – and this is a big one – driving organic traffic from social media has become harder and harder over recent years as platforms like Facebook have developed their ad platforms (they want you to pay to play so that THEY make money)

and there’s…

Paid Traffic: Usually when we talk about paid traffic we’re talking about online advertising like Google Adwords or ads on networks like YouTube and Facebook, but this can also include offline advertising like newspaper, television or radio.

Paid traffic, especially online paid traffic, can be a fabulous source of traffic for your website, but sadly most small businesses fail to capitalize on this traffic source properly because they don’t understand the online sales funnel…

Which brings us to…

2) Traffic Conversion

Because it doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your website, if you’re unable to convert said traffic into leads and dollars, then it won’t matter.

The fact is, unless you have:

  • An AMAZING Offer
  • A TIMELY Product
  • INCREDIBLE Sales Copy, and
  • A KICK-ASS call-to-action

… there’s a very good chance that most of your web traffic is simply going to bounce off your page without taking any action at all.

This especially hurts if you’ve been paying for that traffic.

This is why it’s so helpful to understand how the online sales funnel works.

Let me walk you through it:

FIRST, you create a kick-ass piece of FREE content. Something that is going to be of particular interest to your target market, gives them information that they want (think of the types of stuff they might be searching for on Google relating to your product or service).

THEN, you promote that content like crazy – even with paid ads!

Wait a minute? Pay to drive traffic to free content?


For starters, driving traffic to free content like this is cheap, cheap, cheap.

And second, it’s a great opportunity to begin building your re-marketing lists!


Because STEP 2 of this process is to begin advertising to those re-marketing lists!

What’s brilliant about this is that you’re now advertising to a warm market of people who have already heard of you. This drives your conversions through the roof when compared to advertising to a cold market.

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AT THIS POINT, you have a couple options.

You can promote some kind of a free trial, report, swipe file, or other special offer, or you can provide a low-cost introductory type product.

Again, spending money on something that’s not my core product?

Yes. But you’re doing something much more powerful now.

You’re building more retargeting lists AND a massive e-mail list of people that are a HOT MARKET!

You’ve essentially enabled the 2% of your target market that is more predisposed to buying to self-identify themselves.

And because you have them on remarketing and e-mail lists, advertising to them will be affordable (e-mail is practically free) and your conversions will be up in the stratosphere.

YOU CAN NOW market your core product or service to a group of people who have had the chance to get to know, like and trust you because of all the great FREE stuff you gave them!

So to recap that a little bit…

  1. Promote a piece of free content
  2. Promote a special offer to people who consumed your free content
  3. Promote your core product/service to people who consumed your special offer

All the while building a massive e-mail list and boasting higher conversions than ever.


Not only is this whole strategy brilliant, but it’s been proven EXTREMELY effective!

That’s why business owners are hiring Content Managers and Online Ad experts by the dozen, but let’s face it, it can be challenging for small business owners to do this…

This is why The Marketing Mentorship Academy offers training and instruction in these areas, like our ESSENTIAL Step-by-Step Guide to Facebook Re-Targeting which is an integral piece of this whole strategy.

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If your business could use a strategy like this one but you really don’t have the time or skill-set to figure it out yourself, then click here to set up a no-obligation meeting and explore how The Marketing Mentorship Academy can help you achieve your goals with some of our done-for-you services!



Tyler Zeck is the author of Is Radio Still Relevant?, Founder of the Marketing Mentorship Academy and the creator of The ESSENTIAL Marketing System for Small Business. As an inspiring leader and in-demand speaker, trainer and coach, Tyler has worked closely with business owners from a broad spectrum of industries to help educate, equip and inpsire them to achieve greater success in their organizations. Through one-on-one mentoring, online courses, and his monthly video training, Tyler is on track to help thousands of business owners to create lasting success and realize their dreams.