Online Marketing vs. Radio Advertising – Why the Competition?

Online Marketing vs. Radio Advertising

I was speaking with a prospective client the other day who was trying to wrap his head around radio advertising. He likes the idea of doing radio advertising, but his online marketing is so much less expensive (in his opinion, he’s not really taking into account the man hours required to make online marketing effective – in fact, some company’s spend more on online marketing than they ever could on a medium like radio). Obviously these two marketing tools are totally different animals. The biggest difference between the two is that one is passive while the other is active.

Most online marketing is active because it is requiring the end user to actually do something to learn about you. They have to do a search on Google, click on your video, read your article, and as a general rule, they have to have some underlying reason as to WHY they’re doing this. They might be actively looking for a lawyer, bookkeeper, or home renovator, so they are more inclined to click on your Facebook ad or run a Google search. However, even as they’re doing this, they’re still kind of flying blind if they’ve never heard of you. If you come up on Google, even if you’re the first one on the list, you’re still on a list with thousands of other lawyers.

Radio advertising is passive because it requires nothing from the end user. They’re just driving in their car, cooking in their kitchen, working out at the gym, and they’re hearing about you. Not only does this passive advertising work on the conscious level, but also the subconscious. You’ve heard of companies that if I were to ask where you’d heard of them, you’d have no idea. That’s the power of passive advertising. So now when someone is actively searching, you’ve edged out your competition because you have brand name recognition. Now there are thousands of lawyers on that Google list, but only one the end user has heard of, and that one is 90% more likely to get clicked on, even if it’s 3 or 4 spots down the list.

The Parthenon Theory of marketing would suggest that you shouldn’t be comparing online marketing to radio advertising as either/or option, but rather an also/and possibility.

The reality is that these two mediums can work very nicely together when focused through a well thought out, comprehensive marketing plan.

That’s where the power of having a thought out and detailed marketing plan comes into play. You can explore ways to make different mediums play off each other to make both more effective. And of course, brainstorming can be the key to making that happen, so if you’ve never attended one of our Marketing Mentorship Academy Brainstorming Events in Red Deer, you should definitely think about joining us next time!


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Online Marketing vs. Radio Advertising

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