Increase Prices Without Losing Customers

Increase Prices

Can you increase prices without losing customers? Who can say for sure? Businesses lose clients for lots of reasons, and certainly price can be a significant contributor to this. But with the right strategies, the damage from increasing your prices can certainly be mitigated to a degree. I recently received this letter from Jim (name…

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Kaizen! It’s the Little Things That Count!


Video Summary In this weeks episode of The Marketing Minute, I revisit an old blog article I wrote about the demise of a Taco Bell franchise near my house. Today I can’t think of a single Taco Bell left in the entire city of Calgary! My experience with the location near my house leads me…

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Ask Us A Marketing Question

Let Us Answer Your Marketing Question! Simply post your marketing question in the comments section below or on our Facebook Page and not only will we send you the answer to your question, but it may become a featured article on this site!

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Nike Commercial Reveals Secret to Advertising

Nike Commercial

A successful commercial is worth studying if your a marketer… Think of the old commercial for Supersoakers or Nerf Guns from when you were a kid? It was always the same idea. A bunch of kids who are older than you – you know… the ones you looked up to? They’re out there with all their…

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