Nike Commercial Reveals Secret to Advertising

Nike Commercial

A successful commercial is worth studying if your a marketer… Think of the old commercial for Supersoakers or Nerf Guns from when you were a kid? It was always the same idea. A bunch of kids who are older than you – you know… the ones you looked up to? They’re out there with all their…

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5 Questions You MUST Answer About Your Ideal Customer if You Ever Want To Find Them and Get Them To Buy From You

Shrink the size of your haystack so the needles start standing out!

I know, I know, I know. There are a million articles out there about “identifying” your target customer. If you’ve been reading about business and marketing for a while, you’re probably sick of hearing about it. So I have one question for you… Have you done it yet? Have you actually taken the time to…

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How to Write a More Effective Cold Calling Script

Cold Calling Still Works For Your Marketing

I ran into a small business marketing professional today who was telling me that he still believes in cold calling. He said it defensively as if he was getting ready to defend his position, and seemed surprised to hear me say that I actually agreed with him. If you’ve been following my marketing training for…

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Radio vs. Television – The Battle For Advertising Supremecy

Radio Advertising vs. TV Advertising

The Christmas season was upon us, the shows that my wife and I PVR had run dry, and I, having made a commitment to take a few days off and do nothing (a task that for an ADHD personality like myself is more difficult than it sounds), found myself for the first time that I…

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