T-Mobile Missed Opportunity At AMA’s

Publicity burns hot and bright for a short period of timeBrand awareness provides long term, continual warmth You need both to be successful

Despite my background in music and entertainment, I’m generally not a huge fan of the American Music Awards (or the VMA’s for that matter). I just find it to be a very narrow look at a small segment of the music industry, and the politics in the industry seem pretty evident as you watch. But…

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How to Create Brand Awareness for your Small Business – Part 2

Are you standing out from your competition? Your marketing plan needs to include a strategy for creating brand awareness for your small business.

Many moons ago when I was in grade school, there was an interesting (although looking back on it, a little cruel) game that some of the kids used to play. The game involved rapping your finger on another students forehead and refusing to stop until that person could name 10 chocolate bars. Inevitably the victim…

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Creating Brand Awareness is a Powerful Marketing Tool!

Radio Advertising in calgary can be extremely effective for creating brand awareness

I recently decided that I needed a massage (even the most savvy marketers need some pampering from time to time). I have an acquaintance who runs a wellness center in south Calgary that does massage, so it was a no brainer for me to to call over there to see if I could get in…

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The #1 Absolute Most Common Marketing Mistake

Don't Dig Your Well When You're Thirsty... Dig Your Well Today in Anticipation that Tomorrow you may Need Water!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many business owners I’ve spoken with throughout my career who told me that they really had no need to advertise their business. “Sales are good,”they tell me, “so what’s the point of spending money on advertising?” As a business owner I can appreciate why a business owner…

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