Three Things That Derail Your Business And Stop You From Making Money

What Derails Your Success-

Summary In this episode of The Marketing Minute, I explain the Top 3 Reasons why so many business owners are struggling to get enough customers and make enough money to survive. Let’s face it, so many small business owners are struggling day after day to make ends meet. It’s a real problem, and while the solutions…

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Get More Referrals From Your Customers Now

Get More Referrals By Turning Your Customers Into Fans

You’re not getting enough referrals! I can say this with relative confidence because I work with lots of small business owners and the vast majority of them aren’t getting enough referrals. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that for most small business owners, getting referrals is a rarity. It’s like a special…

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How to Write a More Effective Cold Calling Script

Cold Calling Still Works For Your Marketing

I ran into a small business marketing professional today who was telling me that he still believes in cold calling. He said it defensively as if he was getting ready to defend his position, and seemed surprised to hear me say that I actually agreed with him. If you’ve been following my marketing training for…

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How do You Define One Day?


It’s amazing how children can change your perspective. In a recent conversation with my 5 year old, he asked me “What is a day?”. How do you answer a question like that? My first instinct was to simply brush off the question. “You know what a day is! Everything that happens between when you wake up…

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