Free Marketing Advice for Small Business Owners

Free Marketing Advice

You should subscribe to get the free marketing advice contained in this blog… Seriously! Our subscribers get more than they bargain for, and you should join them.   I know we’re not supposed to “sell” with a blog article. After all… A blog like this one should be all about delivering free marketing advice that can help…

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Marketing Without Money: How to grow your business on less than $300 a month

Marketing Without Money

Is your business marketing without money?   The most common question I get asked from small business owners is… “How do I market my business when I don’t have any money?”   To which my first question is usually, “Why don’t you have any money?” It’s tragic to me when someone starts a new business…

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Website Mechanics: How to Get Customers to Buy

Website Mechanics

You’re not using your website properly… Don’t worry. It’s not just you.   The vast majority of small business owners are making the same mistake that you are, and it’s a shame really, because it’s not their fault.   It’s just that no one has educated them what a website is really supposed to do. Let’s…

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How to Get Customers Online

Get Customers

How are you doing with your online “customer acquisition“?   Are you getting leads from your online efforts… or has it been weeks (or even months) since you’ve gotten a qualified lead from your website?   For the vast majority of small business owners – especially those serving local markets – online leads are a…

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