Kaizen! It’s the Little Things That Count!


Video Summary In this weeks episode of The Marketing Minute, I revisit an old blog article I wrote about the demise of a Taco Bell franchise near my house. Today I can’t think of a single Taco Bell left in the entire city of Calgary! My experience with the location near my house leads me…

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Motivational Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

10 BooksEVERYEntrepreneur Should Read

Leaders are readers, or so the saying goes, but we all know that it’s WHAT we choose to read that makes the biggest difference at the end of the day. I’ve often cited reading as one of the greatest contributors to my own success, and have accumulated for you a list of the top ten…

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Tony Robbins in Calgary – “I Don’t Believe In Positive Thinking”

Attitude If you've got that right anything is possible #tylerzeck

Tony Robbins revealed why he doesn’t believe in positive thinking at his Calgary Seminar this week! I had the incredible opportunity to take in a three hour live event yesterday in Calgary with the legendary Tony Robbins. This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to take in a Tony Robbins seminar, and he…

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